Monday, September 26, 2011


My name is Heidi Vormer and my artist name is Remrov, which is my last name spelled backwards. I've already made all kinds of artwork since I was little and now
I specialize in drawing portraits, animals, houses, and cartoons.
I have a type of autism and due to this I see the whole world in lots of tiny details. So all my drawing tend to be this way too, very precise and detailed. I like to make very photorealistic artwork, but the cartoons are more from my own imagination.
Most of the art work you find on my website were assignments for others, but you can always contact me if you want a portrait or a cartoon yourself.
Besides making artwork I also write articles on a Dutch website called Xead. Mostly I write about my autism but also about other subject like science, animals, koala's etc.

You can visit my website here:

You can visit my Xead Page here:

Have fun!

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